Tuesday Oct 23: Cult Movies in the Cave presents a so-bad-it’s-good movie like your world has never known because not only does the lead actor look like Tommy Wiseau but he also sounds like Tommy too! Beyond The Seventh Door is an obscure 1987 Canadian horror movie masterpiece of $#!+ that will absolutely wreck your brain with mouth agape wtfness when it comes together at VisArt for this extremely rare screening. This movie is one of the main reasons we started this series! WE ARE SOOOOO STOKED FOR THIS. I mean the main actor is named LAZAR ROCKWOOD for crying outloud. Admission is FREE but donations are beyond appreciated to keep this brand new psychotic film series going at VisArt Video 😈#cultmoviesinthecave #beyondtheseventhdoor

VisArt Video is teaming up with ICU (Independent Carolinas Unchained) and @sunandmoonstudiosnc to bring you some amazing locally made films, all this week! Tickets are $5 each and allow you to watch all the films scheduled for that day! Oct 18 at VisArt! Come watch some horror shorts by 48 Hour Film Project winner, Chris Baker!

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