Members can rent movies. Free membership is available to anyone 18 or older with a valid driver's
license/ID and proof of a permanent local address (utility bill, paystub, etc.). Higher memberships come
with perqs and the satisfaction of knowing that you are keeping Visart goings as a vital part of the
community. Some membership levels require a major credit card to be on file. This is the card we'll use
if you call us to renew over the phone, or to pay fees when movies are more than 15 days late. We do
not accept prepaid cards as the card on your account, but you can use them when you come in to rent
or buy. Exceptions to these requirements may be approved by a store manager on an individual basis.

Who Else Can Be On My Account?

Members may designate roommates or family members living in the same dwelling to use their
membership account, but members must agree to be responsible for any charges incurred by such
authorized person and to ensure that VisArt Video's rules and regulations are observed. You must put
the names of authorized individuals on your account in advance; they can't simply show up with your
card. (How will we know it’s okay with you?)

Why do I want a higher membership level?

VisArt is a non-profit arts organization. There are arts organizations that support music, ballet, opera
and photography, but FILM AND VIDEO are an important part of our culture. VisArt’s collection is the
only local source for many great films. VisArt’s screening room is the only place that will show many
independent films. VisArt will bring the art of film-making to children and other members of the
community. In contrast to the “uptown” organizations, VisArt brings a unifying, energetic presence to
the east-side. VisArt was described as a “Charlotte Treasure,” and so it needs your support.

Levels of Annual Memberships:

  • EXTRA: FREE Membership. Access to NEW RELEASES only, 2 title limit.
  • CAMEO: FREE Membership. Access to ENTIRE LIBRARY, 10 title limit. Requires valid major credit
    card to be kept on file.
  • CAST MEMBER: $25.00 to $49.99 CAMEO level benefits AND every 10 th rental is free. Access to
    special 2 for 1 Rentals when offered, plus an exclusive VisArt TOTE BAG.
  • GUEST STAR: $50.00 to $99.99 - previous level benefits AND a VisArt T-shirt.
  • SUPPORTING ROLE: $100.00 to $249.00 - previous level benefits AND a VisArt coffee mug.
  • CO-STARRING: $250.00 to $499.00 - previous level benefits AND one free rental per week PLUS
    one free screening room rental
  • STARRING: $500.00 to $999.99 - previous level benefits AND a VisArt hoodie, PLUS two free
    screening room rentals.
  • DIRECTOR: $1000.00 to $2999.99 - previous level benefits AND an invitation to a special VIP
    event (Dinner and Special Screening)
  • PRODUCER: $3000.00 to $4999.99 - previous level benefits AND unlimited free rentals for a
    year (3 at a time)
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: over $5000.00 - previous level benefits AND a PERMANENT STAR on
    our VisArt “Walk of Fame”


If you are an employee of a company that matches charitable donations, let us know and we’ll make
that happen!

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