Movie Recommendations from VisArt Members.  Tell us about movies you would recommend.  If you want to pan one, you can do that too.  You can include TV episodes on video.  (VisArt has a lot of those too.)  Keep in mind this is not the blog about the store itself.  There is a link nearby for that page.  — VisArt

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  1. Anonymous on May 23, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Kill Bill: I finally saw it. It had phenomenal action and a plot that held me interested. I expected a bunch of random fight scenes but it had a well thought-out plot with a main character that you wouldn't exactly admire, but you like.

    Tokyo Gore Police: It seems like they spent more money on fake blood than on writers or actors. It was like "Plan 9," so fantastically bad you need to see it. Bring the movie to watch with friends who like bad movies with a lot of fake blood.

    I was glad to find this page that apparently went up yesterday. I assume store recommendations, like the stickers, are coming.

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