Write About VisArt Video.  This is the start of a VisArt Video blog.  The blog is intended as a place for news about the store, comments and suggestions.

There is a certain connection between members of VisArt.  We notice it when we run into a person wearing a VisArt t-shirt or when people mention picking up a movie or TV episode at VisArt.

We are working on the VisArt website (www.visartvideo.net).   Right now, you can browse the inventory to find out what movies are in the store.  We will be fixing up the interface so you can read about the movies.

VisArt gets the newest movies on the day they are released on video, sooner than other outlets in Charlotte.  We will try to keep the online inventory updated, but if there is a movie out that you don’t see in the online inventory, you can call the store.  Odds are VisArt has it in the store.

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