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About Visart Video

Welcome to VisArt Video

3104 Eastway Drive
Charlotte NC 28205
in the Eastway Crossing shopping center,

at the corner of Central Ave. and Eastway Dr.

We are often asked, “What is VisArt”?
We are one of the last remaining independent video stores. We have over 30,000 titles for rent. and racks of movies on sale. We also sell movie memorabilia, t-shirts, action figures and posters. You can even buy any movie on the shelves for just our cost to replace it.

Our name is shortened from Visual Arts. We feel strongly that there is a huge world of film outside of Hollywood and current releases. A true story is that VisArt came into being when its founder could not find Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai or Renoir’s Grand Illusion, but every outlet he checked did stock many copies of Ernest Saves Christmas. Now, we are not movie snobs, but we also thought we could do better in terms of selection.

VisArt is in the process of converting to being a non-profit organization promoting film and video arts. It will still provide public access to perhaps the largest film and video collections on the East Coast. It will also provide a center for people who are local film-makers and people who want to learn about film. VisArt is working closely with the Charlotte Film Society and plans to coordinate activities going forward as well. Film and video (like theatre, dance, photography, etc.) are not just entertainment but also an art form and a window into our history and culture.

We are a locally-owned resource for the community.  We rely on our members to spread the word that we exist and that we are a great place to pick up a movie. VisArt’s staff knows and loves movies.  If you tell us what you have liked, we will put you on to more that fit your mood or taste.

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